Monday, 21 February 2011

The Terminator - Done in 60 Seconds 2011

Word up,

One of Occasional Records regular artists (who shall remain nameless) has contributed to this entry into Empire's Done in 60 Seconds competition (the aim being to reshoot a movie in 60 seconds).

We present to you "The Terminator (or should that be "Toyminator"):-

If you enjoy it please give the entry a vote over at the Done in 60 Seconds website. It's entry no.5, submitted by Dan Gaze.



Wow it's been a busy day for posting !

Just a 'quick un' to point you in the direction of THIS ! Tis the 'jukebox' for this year's Audiograft event, which includes some sound art by Car Alarm Quartet. The piece in question is "Palindrome" taken from their "(Under) Water Music" Ep (OUT NOW) !


Car Alarm Quartet on 6Music


As a follow up to the last post, you can listen to Car Alarm Quartet on Tom Robinson on the following link:-

Tis the last song played on the show (around the 1hour 57 minute mark), but too be honest I would reccomend listening to the whole thing !

Cheerio !

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6music

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Car Alarm Quartet featured BBC Introducing: Fresh On The Net with Tom Robinson


We've just had notice that a Car Alarm Quartet track will be featured on "Fresh on the net" with Tom Robinson on BBC 6 music, this Sunday morning (20th February 01:00 - 03:00). The track in question is a special edit of Car Alarm Quartet's Experimental Error#1 EP, which has been cut down to a more-manageable-for-radio 5 minutes or so. Can't wait to hear it !

Tune in !

Occasional Records

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Skins Video Mash Up Competition Featuring Car Alarm Quartet

Hi all,

The new series of Skins has just started on E4 the UK, which reminds me to blog about the previous series of Skins ! During the last series of Skins there was a competition to do a video mash up of a Skins trailer. One of the free songs you could use as a backing track was Piano Miniature #1 by Car Alarm Quartet (currently released on their "Experimental Error#1" EP). Happy days !

You can view the winners/editors pics here or to view the entries with Car Alarm Quartet in, a simple Google search will find shed loads.

Let us know if you spot any more (or want your own entry including on the list !).

Occasional Records

Car Alarm Quartet Reviews


Just a quick post to point you in the direction of some reviews for Car Alarm Quartet's last two EPs HERE:-

Experimental Error#1

(Under) Water Music

Enjoy !