Wednesday, 17 November 2010

CAQ featured in 60x60 Dance 2010, Toronto 20/11/2010

It's been a busy old day for updates (feel free to add your own joke about London buses) !

Just a quick note to point you in the direction of THIS event, which features a sixty second composition by out very own Car Alarm Quartet. The composition is entitled "While Shepard Watched Part II" and is going to be danced along to (along with choreographed by) Yvonne Ng & Amy Hampton. Touch wood the event will be recorded so we can view it (I hope you're reading this Robert !).

They've been a cracking series of events, so if you happen to be in Canada at the weekend, I hope you can attend !


Occasional Records

Three New Releases for 2010


As promised here is some more information on our three new releases for this year. First up is "Experimental Error #1" by Car Alarm Quartet. This is a twenty minute long single track EP, exploring orchestral, piano miniatures, ambience, found sound and stuff that's somewhere in between these labels. You can stream the whole thing here or see the website for details of where to purchase it from.

Second up is another EP from Car Alarm Quartet, called "(Under) Water Music" . This EP is mainly ambient, found sound and noise based. It was created using a variety of experimental techniques (that will hopefully be documented on the website in the coming weeks), based around water in some way. Once again, the entire release can be streamed here, or purchased from here.

Lastly, there is a funk/soul/dub/breabeat EP from Funktechnologie. As ever, it can be streamed here or purchased here.

That's all for now !

Occasional Records

New Website Online And New Releases fo 2010

We've finally got the new website online after much dithering. It's still something of a work in progress so bear with us (in fact feel free to report any oddness) ! The website is still in the same place so have a look.

Why a new website - to coincide with our three new EP releases. We've got two orchestral/abstract/ambient/noise EPs from Car Alarm Quartet and a funk/breakbeat/dub EP from Funktechnologie. More information to follow shortly....