Wednesday, 17 November 2010

CAQ featured in 60x60 Dance 2010, Toronto 20/11/2010

It's been a busy old day for updates (feel free to add your own joke about London buses) !

Just a quick note to point you in the direction of THIS event, which features a sixty second composition by out very own Car Alarm Quartet. The composition is entitled "While Shepard Watched Part II" and is going to be danced along to (along with choreographed by) Yvonne Ng & Amy Hampton. Touch wood the event will be recorded so we can view it (I hope you're reading this Robert !).

They've been a cracking series of events, so if you happen to be in Canada at the weekend, I hope you can attend !


Occasional Records

Three New Releases for 2010


As promised here is some more information on our three new releases for this year. First up is "Experimental Error #1" by Car Alarm Quartet. This is a twenty minute long single track EP, exploring orchestral, piano miniatures, ambience, found sound and stuff that's somewhere in between these labels. You can stream the whole thing here or see the website for details of where to purchase it from.

Second up is another EP from Car Alarm Quartet, called "(Under) Water Music" . This EP is mainly ambient, found sound and noise based. It was created using a variety of experimental techniques (that will hopefully be documented on the website in the coming weeks), based around water in some way. Once again, the entire release can be streamed here, or purchased from here.

Lastly, there is a funk/soul/dub/breabeat EP from Funktechnologie. As ever, it can be streamed here or purchased here.

That's all for now !

Occasional Records

New Website Online And New Releases fo 2010

We've finally got the new website online after much dithering. It's still something of a work in progress so bear with us (in fact feel free to report any oddness) ! The website is still in the same place so have a look.

Why a new website - to coincide with our three new EP releases. We've got two orchestral/abstract/ambient/noise EPs from Car Alarm Quartet and a funk/breakbeat/dub EP from Funktechnologie. More information to follow shortly....

Friday, 24 September 2010


I've archived all the old news from the old Occasional Records website in this one monstrous post. The formatting is a little screwed but any vital (yet rather old) news will be here, if for some crazed reason you're interested in it ! Enjoy :-

11/1/07As a late Christmas present, you can now download Signal Generator's 'Laidback' (from the out of print 'Square Wave EP') for free from HERE !!. If you enjoy it, please consider purchasing some of the other MP3s from the Signal Generator's 'Square Wave EP' also available through Indiestore ! We should be adding the Indiestore player to the audio page shortly....
9/1/07Happy New Year ! Recent Occasional Records signing 'Rundfunk' have had their music used in a recent entry to the New York One Minute Film Festval. The entry is called "Natura Non Contristatur" (Directed by Peter Mottram) and you can watch it HERE !!. If you enjoy it watching it, please vote for it !
10/11/06Another review of Signal Generator's 'Output EP' by Tasty Fanzine.
21/8/06Signal Generator's track 'Memory Helmet' from this years 'Output EP', is featured in the August Podcast from Mishkas. Click HERE to download as an MP3. The tracklisting is available HERE
4/5/06Another review of Signal Generator's 'Output EP' by
22/2/06Another review of Signal Generator's 'Output EP' by Atomic Duster Webzine added to the reviews page, scoring a massive 9/10 - Thanks very much Atomic Duster !
13/1/06Signal Generator's 'Output EP' has been named one of the 10 best singles of last year by Vanity Project Fanzine writer 'Skif'on his best of 2005 list. Thanks very much Skif !
12/1/06HAPPY NEW YEAR ! A few more reviews have been adeed for Signal Generators Output EP on the reviews page. In other news the video for Signal Generator's Legno Lungo (available on Signal Generator's 'Output EP') which was entered into the New York Minute Film Festival has been voted as one of the final 10. It will now go forwards to be viewed and judged by a select panal of experts (including Joel Schumacher and Rosario Dawson). Thanks for all your votes and support !
5/12/05A video has been entered into the New York Minute Film Festival which uses an extract of Signal Generator's Legno Lungo from the latest Signal Generator release, 'Output EP'. You can view it directly HERE !! Please vote for it if you enjoy it !!
7/11/05Two more reviews of Signal Generator's 'Output' EP added on the review page !
25/10/05Yet another review of Signal Generator's 'Output' EP added on the review page !
3/10/05Another review of Signal Generator's 'Output' EP added on the review page.
28/9/05Another new distributor added on the purchase page in the shape of the Oxford Music mailorder. Also, Occasional Records is appearing on "Raw Talent" this Thursday (29/9/05) to talk about their latest release (Signal Generator's "Output EP"). "Raw Talent" is a (rather excellent) program playing the best new and unsigned music from throughout Yorkshire, and is broadcast on BBC local radio accross Yorkshire. For more information on how to listen, or to see whats on this week (or to listen online) click HERE !
One more review added as well as a new distributor on the purchase page in the shape of the Sheffield based 'Laundrette' mailorder.
signal Generator's new EP 'Output' is finally ready and should be available as of now through Norman Records or through the purchase section of this website (currently UK only). Audio clips now available on the audio page. Signal Generator is also currently in the process of creating a Myspace page which should contain at least one full track. Watch this space !
Another Review of Signal Generator's Square Wave EP from Igloo webzine posted online. Also, work is progressing well on Signal Generator next EP, which will hopefully make it out sometime this year !
Were pleased to announce that our products are now also availble through the rather wonderful Evil Distribution. See the Purchase page
27/8/03Oh yes, another Review of Signal Generator's Square Wave EP posted online.
Another Review of Signal Generator's Square Wave EP posted online. Also an Occasional Records mailing list has been created. To be added to the list, send an email HERE with the subject 'Mailing List'
27/8/03Guess what, more Reviews of Signal Generator's Square Wave EP posted online !
Review from LEEDSMUSICSCENE posted online !
Yet more Reviews of Signal Generator's Square Wave EP posted online !
More Reviews of Signal Generator's Square Wave EP posted online
First review of Signal Generator's Square Wave EP available from Norman Records website or on our very own Review page
Two Audio snippets from Signal Generator’s Square Wave E.P. now online see Audio
3/12/02Signal Generator’s ‘Square Wave EP’ is released and will available through Norman Records (or see Purchase) at a price of £3.95. (Norman Records are an online/mail-order record shop with full secure online ordering (Visa/MasterCard/Switch))
Website finally online though in a rather basic form. The Debut release from Occasional Records is to be Signal Generator’s ‘Square Wave’ EP, which is currently in production and should be available from the 2nd of December